Accompaning an historical social actor of the Milano area to integrate past and present

ad integrare passato e presente

In September 2017 Maps was chosen by Comunità Progetto to implement a courageous and profound project of reflection and renewal. From the very first encounters the feeling of a great affinity, respect and admiration arise.

Comunità Progetto, born as an association committed in the very first line to the fight against marginalization, vulnerability and social injustice in Milan in the early 90s, has developed by consolidating a very strong sense of identity, internal political reflection and a principle of trust and freedom among founding members. The projects that the cooperative imagines and realizes are from the beginning of greatest contact with social suffering in the Milanese metropolis and over time this built a reputation for integrity and efficiency.

The heart of the project emerges thanks to the Generative methodology: what appears is a great identity dilemma that has grown over time. How to harmonize the free and combative history of the cooperative with the incessant mounting of requests for structuring, bureaucratization, hierarchy and internal order? How to synthesize the various souls (true great treasure of the organisation), those of the first hour and the younger ones? Underlying and relevant issues that were leading to enduring conflicting throughout the last decade.

Maps and Comunità Progetto have founded the project on an open reflection around these issues, favouring the election of a Board of Directors in charge of managing the transition and above all by appointing a Change Committee which throughout 2018, supported by Maps consultants, opened tables for work and reflection that led to a programmatic document accepted in its entirety by the shareholders’ meeting and is still a source of great inputs and cohesion.

As often happens, the synergy did not stop there: Maps continues (with sincere gratitude) to walk side by side with Comunità Progetto, forming a permanent think tank with the Board of Directors, supervising the fundamental and very central Team for Unaccompanied Foreign Minors and in general offering a space for reflection and discussion for all members.

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