Each organization is unique. The way people interact, talk and use the tools at their disposal defines each organization, its points of strength and its problems.

For this reason, MAPS has designed a methodology that allows to acknowledge the specificity of each organization and to generate interventions that can be actually effective.

GENERATIVE is the method that gives us the opportunity to work with success in different organizational contexts and to respond to the multiple needs of our clients.

The GENERATIVE method allows us to “enter” into any organization and to build a series of conceptual maps that represent the way in which everyone contributes to the organization and its meaning.


    This is where we “meet” and understand the organization, its people, and its tools. We often use interviews, focus groups, participatory observations and document analyses with the aim to collect as much information as possible about what makes that organization unique. The result is a conceptual map that represents the way in which the organization functions in relationship to its key needs/objectives.


    We present the conceptual map to the organization and together we discuss the possible strategies for promoting change that can be implemented in relation to the shared goals. At this stage we collect all the concerns related to the application of some changes that are perceived by the members of organization and we do our best to ensure that the ultimate intervention is not only effective but sustainable and shared by the organization, adapting our strategies as a consequence.


    We put in place the agreed strategies, but not only. We continue to monitor the way in which the conceptual map changes and we report it promptly to the organization. In this manner, we make sure that we go on together with the organization and that we can pursue the shared goals, even by the introduction of supplementary strategies during the intervention.

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