Meditel Agenda Medica is a remote secretarial service for doctors, in particular General Practitioners. Each secretariat is a combination of tailor-made technical and organizational solutions, according to the needs of the individual professional.

During the year 2020, even in the face of the strong engagement of GPs during the Covid-19 pandemic, Meditel experienced a period of strong solicitation and growth. We helped the service in defining its own development plan, balancing company growth with care and attention to the specificities of individual customers.

The partner

Meditel is a service created by the Venetian company Myko srl, which designs and implements remote secretaries for medics, based on the specific needs of each professional. The purpose of Meditel Agenda Medica is to relieve doctors from secretarial activities, allowing them to concentrate on practicing their profession. The service operates by combining modern technologies, but maintaining close monitoring of the quality of the service provided, an essential element given the presence of data relating to the health of patients.


    The collaboration with the Meditel company started in response to the need of monitoring the quality of the service. The company was in fact assessing its possibilities of development, and to do this identified the need for support on how to monitor its internal functioning given the delicacy of the issues dealt.
    MAPS work started with the analysis of the functioning of the Meditel system, in order to identify some key indicators of service quality. During the analysis, it also emerged the need to structure and strengthen the roles of the service, able to supervise and intervene promptly with respect to possible emerging problems. In addition to this, considering the changing nature of emerging health issues, it was essential to equip the management with control and planning tools so that the delicate balance between growth and the provision of highly customized secretariats could always be monitored.


    Starting from the results of the analysis conducted, the intervention focused primarily on structuring the roles of the service, identifying objectives and responsibilities. We then identified some KPIs relating to the operation of the service, in order to create a control panel available to management to monitor the achievement of the set objectives. Thanks to these new operational tools, and to the strengthening of roles and strategic planning, the service has managed to equip itself with a structure capable of supporting growth and new challenges related to healthcare.

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